Harlaxton Quarry Products

A flow of basalt perched on the Toowoomba escarpment

Our super hard basalt makes concrete, road base, ballast, asphalt and aggregates.

Independent, Australian, privately family owned, here since 1973.

We are a team of Toowoomba locals who share local roads with the quarry’s neighbours.

Our Basalt

Our quarry materials are used in the construction of local infrastructure and buildings.
Our aggregates are in bridges, roads, pavements and buildings throughout the greater region.

Our super-strong basalt:

Builds Roads....


Our super-strong basalt:

Creates Balast....


Our super-strong basalt:

Brings Concrete....


None-stop Dust Suppression

From the moment we open to the moment we close dust suppression is carried out over the entire site.

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Quarry Products an independent Australian family business, in Toowoomba since 1973.

We buy local.
We supply local.
We employ local.

We like being good neighbours to Toowoomba.

We share information and listen - we welcome you to join the conversation.
We’re proud that Harlaxton basalt is in the concrete slabs of local homes, in the road base on the streets we drive to work each day and, in the ballast (coarse stone) that makes railway track beds.

We do this.

So you can do this.

Harlaxton Quarry